Thank you to all our donors who gave in support of scholarships at SD Mines! This project has wrapped up, but if you are still interested in donating to support scholarships, please visit our donation page. Thank you!

2018 Day of Giving

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2018 Day of Giving



Scholarships have the power to open the door to a college education.


They can truly mean the difference between a talented, high-achieving student attending college or not. It is because of contributions from alumni and friends of SDSM&T that our students can earn an outstanding education in science and engineering.

The average remaining gap to cover the cost of attendance is $4,950.


Promising students are willing to work if the gap between what an education costs  and what their family can afford is narrowed. Scholarships help bridge the gap between finances available from all other sources and the average cost of attendance.

Scholarships also have a lasting impact because they:

  • Recruit and Retain: scholarships help SD Mines recruit and retain quality students pursuing a degree in science or engineering.

  • Foster a Sense of Belonging: scholarships create a sense of belonging for students knowing that a donor made a financial investment in their future.

  • Encourage Giving: scholarships plant the philanthropic seed in our students creating the desire to “give back.”

  • Promote Success: scholarship donors benefit from a charitable donation but more importantly they play a key role in the education and success of our students.

How can you help?

Every gift helps support our wonderful students earn their degree and impact the world. All scholarships at SDSM&T come from the sole support of private donors like you. Your donation will go directly to support unrestricted scholarships and will ultimately change lives. Unrestricted scholarships give us freedom and flexibility to meet needs where they exist. 

Because of our amazing donors, last year 847 individual students received academic scholarships and fellowships totaling over $3.4 million. However, financial need still exists and we know with your help, we can give more. Be the difference in someone's life and give to support scholarships today!

If you haven't given to SDSM&T before, or within the last five years, we have a generous donor who will match $1 for $1 to support scholarships. Make your gift count double by giving today!

Thank you. Great or small, your generosity makes an impact. We are so appreciative of our Mines family and we hope you will join us in supporting tomorrow's leaders in science and technology!

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